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Back pain is a common health issue that can cause excruciating pain and great discomfort. The good news is that the problem can be prevented and treated when it occurs. It is important to note that back pain can be addressed without using medications. Once the cause of the pain is established, it will be easier to alleviate the problem.

Top causes of back pain and how to prevent them

Weight – Overweight people are at a higher risk of experiencing back pain, making weight one of the leading causes of the health problem. Back pain is more likely to occur in people who have extra weight around their pelvic area, a factor that will cause stress to the lower back. The best way to prevent back pains resulting from weight is to ensure a healthy diet and engaging in physical exercises.

Sitting posture – sitting for prolonged periods of time in office chairs or behind a computer has been proven to cause back pain. Prevention and back pain relief will involve aligning your back to the back of the chair. You should also avoid leaning forward or slouching.

Poor lifting techniques – physical work and exercises that involve lifting can result in back pain if they are not done properly. The best way to prevent this kind of pain is to avoid lifting objects that are too heavy. You should also bend your knees and keep your back straight whenever you are lifting objects.

Smoking – in comparison to non-smokers, smokers are more likely to develop back pain and will take longer to recover from the health problem once it develops. The nicotine in cigarettes restricts the flow of blood in vessels in the lower back, leading to back pain.

How to alleviate back pain naturally

Other than medical interventions for back problems, there are natural ways of ensuring effective back pain management. Some of the methods that have been found to be effective include yoga, stretching, massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, physical exercises and stress reduction.

When to go for back surgery

While there are several interventions that help manage back pain, there are instances when back surgery becomes necessary. Surgery may be needed if there are vertebral fractures, bulging discs or compressed spinal nerves. Before thinking of surgery, it is important to visit a back pain specialist to get professional advice about your condition.

The risks associated with back surgery

Surgical procedures for back pain problems do not come without risks. Some of the major risks associated with back surgery are a reaction to anesthesia, bleeding, infection, nerve damage, stroke and heart attack.