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There are a wide range of back supports available.  Each serves a slightly different purpose.  Explore the range of options below to find your ideal pain relief solution.

Lumbar support

The most obvious is the lumbar support for your desk chair, as we discussed in the previous lesson. You can also find ones suitable for your car seat.

A Ring cushion

A ring cushion will often be inflatable and help position your hips and lower back in such a way as to support them and take pressure off them which might lead to pain.

Back Brace

Back braces come in a range of styles, for different purposes.

Upper Back Support

This looks like a bra in many cases. It helps maintain posture.

Posture Support Bras

Large chested women and/or those with back issues will often buy bras that are specially supportive. They usually have wide shoulder straps that are padded and a reinforced back. They are usually referred to as posture support bras.

Corset Braces

These look like the old-fashioned corsets that women used to wear and force the person to maintain correct posture while giving good support. They can be soft, or very rigid to keep the back immobile.

Back Belt Support Braces

Some of these are belts only that support the lumbar reason, or small of the back. Others will go around the waist and upper hips and may include shoulder straps. These are both often used by people who need to lift heavy weights, to support the back and stop themselves from bending forwards or backwards, or twisting while lifting.

Some supports are ideal for bed. These include:

A Contour Pillow

You can also try a contour pillow, with or without memory foam. The theory behind these support pillows is that they keep the back, hips and spine in natural alignment, without one leg crossing over the other and causing twisting and possible injury.

A Body Pillow

As the name suggests, a body pillow gives full body support when a person is in bed. Some people enjoy a body pillow to make them feel supported and sleeping in proper alignment. They are particularly popular with pregnant women because the pillow supports their rounded belly and can prevent dragging on and twisting of the back.

You should only use a brace upon the advice of a doctor, because in some cases, they can actually weaken your own core muscles because you are not using them and thus lead to worsening back pain.